About company

intObjects Software Development Group was founded in 1990 at the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Science. The members of the Group are the Institute's leading IT professionals, many of whom have achieved worldwide recognition as computer software specialists. In consolidating the extensive knowledge and experience in software development of each member of the group they are able to offer bespoke development of commercial software for the Windows platform implementing the latest advances in the field of computer science and IT.

The group are in a position to offer a high-quality service for a low cost by working remotely.

Services offered

The area of main interest and experience of the intObjects Group at present is "computer vision" software development for security applications. We have been extensively involved in the development of real time software for image processing. We would be happy, however, to take on development of software for a wide range of applications.

Our developers have many years' experience in the Win32 API, VC++/MFC, COM/DCOM, DirectX and ActiveX technologies. Amongst other applications we have worked on the development of Compilers, Scripting Languages, Signal Processing Applications, Video and Audio Compression and Multimedia Applications for the Internet and Networks, C# / native/managed C++ code interfacing, MVC/Core Web API.

Significant projects
  • DLL-Basic

A high-performance Basic compiler with an easy to use DLL programming interface that allows you to add Basic scripting language to your C++ and Visual Basic programs without using an OLE interface. DLL-Basic gives you, your distributors and end-users a royalty-free way to customize your programs to specific requirements. More...

  • Cobra

COBRA is a "state of the art" software for automatic vehicle license plates (LP) detection, identification and recognition. More...

  • Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle was a next generation of software for automatic vehicle license plates reading. More...

  • OIS

Main purpose of OIS was an optical reading of airplane registration numbers (known also as a tail number). More...

  • Referee

The Referee software was invented in 2004-th for providing the techniques for real time multiple objects identification and tracking in sport games. More...

  • Stream Handler

Stream Handler is designed to simplify the task of creating computer vision applications on the Windows platform by isolating applications from the complexities of the data processing multithreading, simplifying data transports and synchronization issues. More...

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We would be happy to discuss any software development issues or business opportunities with you. We guarantee delivery of high-quality software on schedule at very competitive prices.

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