Optical identification system for recognizing aircraft registration numbers (tail numbers) on the ground

Main purpose of OIS was an optical reading of airplane registration numbers (known also as a tail number) when taxiing, on a parking area, cargo ramp, terminal or at a gate. This information was to be combined with information from surface movement radars for more detailed information for dispatch services.

The system was built as monoblock with a camera and a computer motherboard in one unite with temperature stabilization. The camera was equipped with motorized iris-zoom lens for in process adjustment (the application can control these parameters according to the quantity of illumination and scale of image). Window wiper was controlled by software and was used automatically in case of contamination of windows. The cleaning fluid was placed along with the wiper mechanism. The appearance of the device is shown in the photo below.

The software has a distributed modular structure. This makes it easy to assemble a system that is optimal in both performance and efficiency. Some of the modules are made as independent and can be executed on a separate computer interacting with the recognition module via a local network, internet or intranet. The structure of the software is shown in the figure below.

The following figure shows the debug user interface of the system. This software can be run on a local or remote computer to configure system parameters.

Airfield-mounted recognition module: