This is a high performance Basic compiler with an easy to use DLL programming interface that allows you to add Basic scripting language to your C++ and Visual Basic programs without using any OLE interfaces. DLL-Basic gives you, your distributors and end-users a royalty-free way to customize your programs to specific requirements.

For example DLL-Basic can be used to define validation rules on entry forms or formulas for output fields / table columns on queries or reports. In Payroll systems the tool can provide complete flexibility to enter user definable algorithms of payments / deductions calculation, in Stock Control systems DLL-Basic allows entering price calculation formulas, in CAD, simulation/modeling systems can be used to enter models of objects or processes etc.

DLL-Basic 2.0 includes compiling and execution systems implemented in one DLL and Workbench providing users with an intelligent and easy to use tool to develop and debug DLL-Basic programs.

To integrate DLL-Basic with your program at development time all you need is to declare in your C++ or Visual Basic program shared data structures, fill them in with initial data, call proper DLL-Basic subprogram and get back results in the same shared data structures. On DLL-Basic side you should declare the same shared data structures (Memory Records) and relevant processing subprograms (Entries). DLL-Basic is an In-Process component so you do not need to use any OLE interfaces to communicate.

If design of your integrated application suggests end-user to change DLL-Basic code you should provide user with some tool to change DLL-Basic programs run time. Ready to use solution is the DLL-Basic Workbench, that you can put for example under Tools menu of your application. Workbench is an independent OLE enabled application that allows user to edit, compile and debug DLL-Basic program.

However you may prefer more sophisticated approach using directly DLL-Basic interface compiling functions and leading to more advanced user interfaces.

Syntax of DLL-Basic includes most statements and intrinsic functions found in any other Basic compiler. It supports double, integer and string data types. There are not any restrictions on numbers of subprograms or shared Memory Records used in a DLL-Basic program.

Besides these standard statements there are interface specific statements such as CallBack(intpar).

DLL-Basic User Guide provides all information necessary to use DLL and Workbench. Online help system is another comprehensive guide to DLL-Basic.

DLL-Basic compiling system produces high performance pseudo-code which is executed run time by DLL-Basic executor. Having DLL-Basic run time executor in one process with your application communicating through fast easy to use DLL interface provides you guaranteed way of enhancing your programs with higher performance Basic language and consequently providing users with customizable and flexible software which can change when ever it is necessary without recompiling your code with C++ or Visual Basic compiler.

This software was developed for and is the property of Payroll Business Solutions LTD.