"Golden Eagle" - The Program for Automatic Vehicle License Plate Reading.


Golden Eagle - was a second generation of our software for the automatic vehicle license plates (LP) detection, identification and recognition was innovated in early 00th. It could detect and identify LP different colors and from many different countries around the world. In contrast to other similar programs, the using advanced color processing technology allows determine color of LP background and symbols. The modern image processing technology, developed for space images processing, require for processing each TV frame just for 25 ms, it allows not only "read" LP, but gives possibilities to determine the speed of the vehicle and its color.

Golden Eagle - suggests the possibility of integrating the Vehicle License Plate Reading technology into your systems and applications.

Golden Eagle - can recognize license plate for vehicle with speed up to 200 km/h and vehicles density on the road up to 1/8 vehicles/meters.

Golden Eagle - is developed specially for Moscow Traffic Police. You can't find any other country in a world which has so slipshod cars!

System Requirements.

GoldeEagle is a 32-bit program developed for Windows95(98) and optimized for Intel Pentium II CPU.

The system requirements are: 

The program can operate with any video cameras and frame grabbers, but usually we recommend specific set of video input devices for optimal performance.



The VLPR “Golden Eagle” (former VLPR “Cobra”) was installed by General Administration of State Inspection of Traffic Safety (Traffic Police) for testing exploitation in February of 1999. There are two points, which are controlled by VLPR - crossroad in the center of Moscow (“Sadovoe circle road” – low speed, high traffic) and Moscow Circle Road (High speed, low traffic). During this exploitation, VLPR “Golden Eagle” shows high reliability and authenticity of results. The module structure of the software helps easy connect data to existing software and databases to this program.



Structure of the program

Software has distributed module structure. That allows easy assemble a system optimal both in performance and efficiency. Most of the modules can be executed on separate computer in LAN, Internet or Intranet.

The structure of the software is show on a picture below.

Kernel module is main processing module, it reads video through capture driver, find license plate position, recognize it, recognize color of the license plate and vehicle and pass all that data to Application modules through standard interface.

Capture driver – this is an interface DLL, to capture device. There is a set of these drivers, for example: for Video For Windows compatible devices, for DirectMedia filter compatible devices and for some other frame grabbers.

Configuration and Control Utility – this application used for turning and control on kernel module. For example, it allows to load some of Capture Drivers, and turn their parameters. This module used for starting and stopping application. This application has password protection.

Application module – this module used for final task processing. For example – checking in dBases, signaling any violation etc. It depends on final purpose of the application. There is possibility to load up to 10 these modules. This module usually has no interface, and for visualization there is additional so called “displays”. There are two base “Modules”

Traffic – for high-way applications.

Barrier – for gateway access applications.

Displays – used for small final tasks – to show pictures, to play sound, to write reports in a dBase.

LPR “Golden Eagle” Main characteristics:



Creation and writing of the report to databases


Saving the image of the vehicle


Night working


Vehicle color identification


Vehicles speed measurement


Identification vehicle without LP, or vehicle with unreadable LP




Width of the controlled area on the road

2,6(5) m

Minimal vehicles distance

  • Behind passenger car (height < 1,5 m)
  • Behind truck (height < 3,8 m)


1 m

3 m

Maximal speed of the vehicle

200 km/h

Probability of correct LP reading:
  • Clean license plates 
  • Uniform soiled license plates, contrast at least 5%



Minimal illumination

100 lux

Time of processing

0,04 sec

Time of checking vehicle in databases

<1000000 records

5 ms

Number of colors


Probability of vehicle color recognition:
  • At sun illumination
  • At artificial illumination


depends on light source

Maximal angles of camera mounting relative to a plane of License plates.





20° -35°

Operating temperature

For on street equipment

For office equipment

from -45° to +50°

from -0° to +45°

Short description of the system in "AutoReview" magazine (in Russian, Russian name is "Berkut")